Inspire Kindness


Dani Saveker set out on 1st January 2016 to explore kindness. Having recognised that kindness had surrounded her through her family she wanted to look into it further. In addition to this, as a business leader and mother, she wanted to consider how kindness could counteract judgement and be used as a leadership tool.

The plan was originally to do this for the month but by the end of January she’d already started to make a number of discoveries.

  1. Just doing an act wasn’t enough
  2. To examine the definition and meaning of kindness
  3. The power of kindness on her and others including strangers
  4. The way in which kindness spreads
  5. Kindness has to start with yourself

The journey had only just begun.


She also found that kindness was indeed the key to flipping judgement, something that increasingly plagues society and each of us.

Having completed a full year of daily acts of kindness, she created a short film of her year. Apart from capturing the learnings she wanted to look at how children could be inspired. In early 2017 she presented the film to a primary school which led to her designing workshops based on kindness and how it fits into GLAS.


The daily acts of kindness continued throughout 2017 but now with the hope of spreading kindness. In 2018 the focus shifted slightly, still with daily acts, which continue to be recorded on Twitter. Dani’s aim now is to simply #inspirekindness.


On 26th September 2018, Dani celebrated the 1000th consecutive day of kindness and so to recognise this, and further spread kindness, she launched the Inspire Kindness Movement – and with this, the:
Inspire Kindness Club and Inspire Kindness Kit.
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Dani lives by the quote:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

She certainly wishes to live in a kinder world. She can’t imagine ever stopping her acts of kindness  and looks forward to her 2000th acts and beyond.

It's Cool To Be Kind! Dani and Emmy
It’s Cool To Be Kind! Dani and Emmy


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