Inspire Kindness

Weekly G.I.V.E

We’ve just launched the Facebook page for Inspire Kindness! You’ll notice that we have a weekly feature called Inspire Kindness GIVE.

At The GLAS Group we have, for sometime now, connected our global team through a simple but effective way of sharing what each person’s week has been like. It’s been a hugely valuable and fun way of us understanding each other despite the fact we have people in Canada, UK and Australia. Because of this, we wanted to create something that our Inspire Kindness Movement could also get to know each other and share thoughts weekly.

We’re doing this through G.I.V.E which stands for the following:

  • Gratitude: a key component of kindness is to be grateful. Share one thing (or person) that you’re grateful for.
  • Inspire: Inspire Kindness looks for inspiration which comes in many forms. Think of one thing or person, event etc, that you feel has inspired you (this week or in general)
  • Value: recognising the value of people, situations, learning etc is another part of kindness. What would you say you’ve valued most this week
  • Excited for: and we would like to finish on a high and get you to tell us what you’re excited for in the week or months ahead.

You can give as much or as little as you wish each week. This is being run on our Facebook page




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